I had to try TomEE

I had to try TomEE and I liked it.

I started of building a simpel model, then a ejb to end of with JAX-RS and JAX-WS

I am thrilled to learn that TomEE have chosen CXF for both JAX-WS and JAX-RS.read more

Created 03/05-2013 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen

JODConverter OSGI plug-in

JODConverter OSGI plug-in is a Custom OSGi bundles for IBM Domino.

The plug-in will convert attachements on Notes documents to pdf on the fly.

OpenOffice.Org or LibreOffice is used to convert the file if possible to pdf.read more
Created 26/02-2013 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen

JODConverter Drag'n'Drop

JODConverter Drag'n'Drop convert documents from odt, doc, jpg and many more to pdf on the fly.read more
Created 06/12-2012 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen

DomJson OSGI plug-in

DomJson OSGI plug-in is a easy way to get content of a Notes document as json when using a Lotus Domino server.

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Created 13/10-2011 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen

New design on my website

I have updated the design on my website. The new design is made in HTML5. I choose a classic 3-column design. To begin with the left side column will have Google ads under the spot box. In the right column there will be a spot box with tags from my website kinabogen.jarry.dk. In the center column there will be a list of articles or one article.

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Created 26/09-2011 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen

Linux Shell Scripting

I took time to learn a little Linux Shell Scripting as I needed backup of my server. I found this tutorial and made a nice backup script.

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Created 18/02-2010 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen